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Finishing Machines For Production Palser 120 CNC

The PALSER Art. 120 is a CNC turning machine that finishes two pairs of lasts at the same time, horizontally aligned ready for further positioning for subsequent processing stages.
The machine can process any "FRV" file from:
NEWLAST digitalizers, CAD/CAM software.

Technical Datas

    • Finishing head
    • 1 x ø 84 mm
    • Finishing knives
    • 3 x ø 32 mm
    • Hydraulic tailstocks*
    • 2, self-locking
    • Lenght
    • 2300 mm
    • Depth
    • 1800 mm
    • Height
    • 2300 mm
    • Weight
    • 5000 da N
* to eliminate vibrations from turning; electrically controlled by a joystick
Fully reconditioned by NEWLAST at its production site:

• Upgrading the solidity of construction and rendering it efficient with precision mechanics.
• Effective soundproofing compliant with current standards

• Using a powerful Easylast 2001 touch screen CNC which makes very high processing speeds possible with outstanding surface finish